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It is with much sadness that we have made the painful decision to end the 2020 Horseshoe Volleyball Club season.  This includes our strength and conditioning program.  There are several reasons for shutting down, including;

  1. All tournaments through the end of March have been cancelled by either the event organizers or the governing bodies (AAU/JVA/USAV).
  2. While it still may be acceptable by AAU to continue practicing, we feel that it is not appropriate for us to continue practices while schools and universities have shut down their sports practices.
  3. Most of our teams would have finished their seasons by the end of March.  There are five teams scheduled to play in the first weekend of April but the tournament at the armory is cancelled and there is no guarantee that the other one in State College will not be cancelled, also.

While the club season itself may continue in April (and that is yet to be determined) it would be impractical for us to try to extend our season past the first weekend in April.  The following weekend is Easter weekend and after that, our ability to find practice time will be severely limited due to facilities being already booked.  In addition, if school spring sports (not to mention basketball playoffs) actually do resume in April, those events will likely take up much time from many of our athletes and leave us scrambling to piece together teams.

We are in the process of determining refund amounts for our members and will process refunds beginning next week.  It may be a couple of weeks until all refunds are sent out because I will have to order more checks.  The refund amount will be determined using the same criteria that we use to develop team costs (tournament entry fees, gym rental for practice, coach salaries, and expenses for coaches when traveling to multi-day tournaments).  The refund amount will be different for each team.  Some teams lost two tournaments (including some that lost two multi-day events) and others lost only one. Coach salaries varied by team and some teams had two coaches and others had only one. Also, if you were involved in strength and conditioning at the armory, you will receive a prorated refund for sessions lost.

There are still several players who have an outstanding balance.  For those players, their refund will be used to offset their balance, and any remaining refund (if more than outstanding balance) will be forwarded.  If you are not sure if you have an outstanding balance, log into your account on the HVC website and you can see what, if anything, that is still owed.

This decision does not affect the clinics that are beginning in April.  If any changes were to arise concerning the clinics, we will notify those who have signed up.

Again, this was a painful decision but one that we felt is in everyone’s best interest.  If you have any questions about refunds, you can call/text me at 935-1039 or email at


The Horseshoe Volleyball Club was founded by Bob Kasun and Ken Streilein and is in its tenth year of existence.  The purpose of the club is to help provide opportunities to play the sport as well as continue to raise the level of play for both girls and boys volleyball in central Pennsylvania.

Horseshoe Volleyball Club’s first ever Youth Developmental Clinics for girls in 1st through 3rd grades


Registration for our Summer Clinics will open on 2/29!


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